Tourers cycle Far and Wide

The tourers cycle to not only local places such as Ripe, Muddles Green and Upper Dicker but also to places further afield such as Bexhill last Thursday, the Viking Trail in North Kent about three weeks ago and Dieppe a couple of weeks ago. Over the next few weeks tourers will be cycling through Belgium and Holland to Amsterdam, doing the annual trip to Littlehampton (a round trip of 70 miles from Seaford) and a ride to Hastings. A century ride is also being planned.

We cycle three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Our Sunday rides tend to be about 35 miles, give or take a few miles. This morning was 39 miles and involved a refreshment stop at Cinders Café at Isfield Station on the Lavender Line, a heritage railway. It was a super ride as there was little wind, the terrain was mostly reasonably flat and the threatened rain never materialised. Also, this is a wonderful time of year to be cycling through the countryside with lots of wild plants in flower, not to mention the May blossom.  Next Sunday will be to Horam and future Sunday rides will go to cafes at Pevensey Castle, Heathfield, Hampden Park and Shoreham.

So, if you haven’t been on a touring ride then give one a try. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Details are on the Rides Calendar.

Happy cycling,


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