Touring Road Ride to Horam, 29 September

Cyclists at Wessons Cafe

Cyclists at Wessons Cafe

Ten cyclists turned up at the Martello Tower for the ‘touring pace’ ride to Horam. It’s a good place to cycle to on a Sunday morning as there are several good cycling routes to and from Horam,  the round trip is about 35 miles and there is a superb café there,  Wessons. Our route on this occasion went via Hailsham.

It was a typical autumnal morning,  ie a bit fresh to start with but warmed up by mid-morning;  warm enough to sit outside Wessons Café with a cuppa. This café is possibly one of the best cafés in East Sussex and is popular with motor bikers and cyclists;  it’s certainly one of our more frequently visited cafés.

There was only one significant climb this morning,  ie Chapel Hill between Littlington and Wilmington so,  as usual, we stopped at the top to take a breather,  admire the view and regroup. The road between Hailsham and Horam (the one that goes past Blackstock Farm) is undulating but the hills are mild compared to Chapel Hill so not too challenging.

The return journey was via Scrapers Hill,  Muddles Green,  Ripe and Berwick so an easy ride as it’s mostly flat or downhill;  hardly surprising as Seaford is virtually at sea level!

This was another one of those enjoyable rides which went through superb countryside,  mostly on quiet roads and over terrain that wasn’t too challenging except for Chapel Hill. It won’t be long before we cycle to Horam again albeit on a different route.

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