Thursday Pub Ride Report – 23rd April

With the traditional starting point at the White Lion, Seaford, there was a very relaxed start to this ride a feeling that the lighter evenings are finally here and we would be riding all of the outward leg in glorious sunshine to the Plough and Harrow, Littlington. Even Roger with a puncture before the start couldn’t dampen our spirits and we were soon ready to go.

Along with the regular faces we were joined by a new face Sirous, and it was good to see Alan and Richard again now becoming regulars. 17 rides at the start swelled to 19 en-route riding up Blatchington Hill, then wiggling through the residential streets of Seaford, (where are we !) to burst out in a lovely field of yellow rape. Now as ride leader I had said there will be no mechanical issues on my ride, Debbie may not have been listening as at this point her chain broke !! Never fear as Debbie and her bike where engulfed in a throng of eager mechanics !!!

What a glorious ride north up the field dotted with large white balls of wool, riding carefully to avoid small brown balls produced by the big woolly ones ! Then down a now dry and much improved track down to the High and Over Alfriston Road. Feeling confident to cross the road and ride to the river we were treated with another fantastic view down the Cuckmere meanders to the Sea. At the bottom of the hill our last obstacle was a dried ditch with a plank on one side. This did prove an obstacle but also a lesson in controlled falling!

Reaching the Plough and Harrow came the toughest decision of the evening! Is it warm enough to sit outside?? This split the group but a good time was had by all, including sending a good will group photo to Jo Barlow on her riding adventure.

Now with MY hardest task of the evening it was time to tear everyone away from the bar for the return trip, (what did Elle call me?). With lights a blazing we ride along the road to the Golden Gallon….. ow.. I mean Cuckmere Inn with some of the group diving into the forest at the Gate to the main car park. How we love the hill back into Seaford but it is so much faster now it is dry and the lovely roll back into Seaford.

If the summer continues like this I can see this ride and this group getting  bigger and bigger  🙂

Ricki trainee ride leader

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