Voice Commands.

Shouts – Warnings youre likely to hear when riding when riding in a group include:

 ‘Slow or Stopping’ – Indicates a potential hazard ahead, control speed.

‘Stop’ – we are going to have to stop – there is a hazard we can’t ride round

 ‘Single file’  – when the group must form into a single file due to narrowing road, a hazardous location or to clear an obstruction

 ‘Car Back’ –  there’s a car approaching from the rear of the group ride

 ‘Car Up’ –  there’s a car approaching from the front of the group ride.

 ‘Car right or left’ –  car is approaching on the left of right of the group ride.

 ‘Rock or Pot Hole’ –  there is a hazard in the road

 ‘Walker/runner/Horse (etc.) up: there’s another trail user ahead.

 ‘Cyclist Ahead –  there is a slower cyclist ahead that we are likely to overtake

 ‘Clear’ –  perhaps at a junction this is called when there is nothing coming and you know you can pedal through, although you should always look for your own safety as to whether it’s safe to pass through the junction.

 ‘Car’ –  Given if car parked in the lane ahead. May be reversed (pointing left) especially when riding abroad.

 ‘On your left (or right)!’ –  Used to advise a rider ahead that you are approaching from behind and intending to overtake

Stay alert at all times. Hold your line. Dont overlap wheels. Don’t look back! Relax!

All of this may sound complicated at first but you will soon get into it. It actually gives a whole new dimension to cycling as it makes it a team event – you have to communicate, support and trust each other, and everyone’s safety is in each other’s hands. But you will find it one of the most enjoyable elements to riding in a club.