Warning: Resurfacing of Lower Wick Street

Lower Wick Street has just been resurfaced between the junction with Station Rd near Arlington Reservoir and a point about 25 metres past Langtye Lane in the direction of Chalvington. The road surface is covered with loose chippings which are hazardous to cyclists for two reasons: loss of grip, especially on a road bike with narrow tyres, and the risk of being hit by chippings flicked up by passing vehicles.

It’s a stretch of road that the tourers use frequently but Dave Sutton and I have decided that over the next couple of weeks we won’t be using it. We will re-assess the state of the road in about a fortnight and report back

For now, it’s best avoided.

Safe cycling,


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  1. Clive Aberdour
    Clive Aberdour says:

    Other recently resurfaced roads have used smooth tarmac which are a joy to cycle along. For example, Thornwell Rd and Bayley’s Lane between the A27 at Wilmington and the T-junction close to Arlington Tea Garden. Another example is New Bridge Rd across the Pevensey Levels which now it’s resurfaced reminds me of cycling in Holland! Strange that chippings have been used for Lower Wick St.

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