Who’s Up for a Challenge

Planning on overdosing on chocolate this Easter? Is your bike feeling neglected? Are you training for an upcoming event? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these (or even if you didn’t) how about a little challenge for April.

Helen Blaber and the ‘usual suspects’ decided (over a glass of wine or two) to challenge themselves to ride EVERY day in April. With summer just around the corner it’s a great idea, so who’s in?

No rules, no planning, simply get out and ride every day in April; around the block, across the Downs, off-road, on road, alone or with friends, it really doesn’t matter.

For those that need a little motivation I’ve set up a Facebook ‘event’ for the month, so you can message others doing the challenge for those days when you don’t feel like riding alone. If you don’t use Facebook but want others to know you are up for the challenge just put your name in the comments section below.

For the more competitive amongst you why not join the CSH Strava page (click here) and compare your progress.

See you out there (bad weather is not an excuse).

(Please note this is not an official club event it’s just an excuse to ride….as if you needed one)