Whose up for a challenge?

Andy (Gus) Lock and Guy Reynolds have created a little challenge that they hope might inspire you to get out and ride. It is open to members and non-members. There are two categories, MTB or Road. There are 10 locations in each category.
To participate you need to ride to each of these locations and take a photograph of your bike at that position. Each location has a prominent and hopefully obvious feature to use as a backdrop for the photograph (see example pictures).
To make things a little more challenging you are only provided with an 8 figure grid reference. Feel free to use a map, Google or any other method of your choosing to identify the feature.
A bottle of wine (or equivalent) will be awarded for:
The first person to provide photographs of all 10 locations, depicting the same bike, in either category wins.
There is an additional prize for the most original/unique photograph in each category.
To submit your photographs please email them to Guy Reynolds using his Ride Leaders email address found here.
1 TQ 31365 03837 TQ 30443 11045
2 TQ 45595 09363 TQ 30367 13368
3 TQ 64642 10400 TV 56352 95523
4 TV 56352 95523 TQ 38547 05237
5 TQ 55839 09375 TQ 45697 05960
6 TQ 4565 1286 TV 5889 9815
7 TQ 3307 0519 TV 5536 9697
8 TQ 33660961 TQ 54210324
9 TQ 8272 0952 TQ 3867 0754
10 TQ 6864 0608 TQ 3658 0254

If you decide to take up the challenge why not reach out to others (members and non-members) to see if they want to join you? It is likely that there are lots of enthusiastic new riders out there, looking for tips and direction; so why not try and channel that energy into the club.
Enjoy the Ride!
Andy (Gus) Lock and Guy Reynolds
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