Your 2020 Committee

Joanne Barlow

Chair (Co-Opted)

Joanne Barlow.

Sarah Clark

Treasurer & Membership

I joined the club in 2018 following a visit to Dr Bike, Peacehaven.  Sitting at a desk all day, every day it was my intension to increase my activity levels and improve fitness. This remains work in progress!

Having been co-opted onto the committee during the 2019 season to shadow Denis, the previous Treasurer and Membership Secretary, I was voted on at the 2020 AGM.  I have some huge shoes to fill, but with the aid of Vivienne, I hope to continue the successes of my predecessor.

My aim for this year is to make the membership renewal process a little less time consuming.  I also look forward to assisting other members of the committee whenever and wherever the need arises.

You will often find me out with the Ladies or on the easier MTB rides.  I am yet to attempt any road riding.  If you see me on a ride or social event, please introduce yourself, so I can put a face to a membership number.

I look forward to cycling with you this season.

Vivienne McLachlan

Deputy Treasurer

As a new member of this year’s committee I am looking forward to assisting Sarah in her role as treasurer and supporting the wider aims of the club.

I became a member of CSH after attending a few ‘Ride the Downs’ health rides last summer. At the time I hadn’t been confident enough to head for the hills on my own. The experience of riding as part of a group was liberating, I learnt some new routes and felt supported. Having rekindled my love of cycling I hope to encourage and enable others get back on a bike and make new friends.

Over the next few months, I will be joining rides and social events hoping to meet existing and potential members alike.

Charlie Ireland


I have been a lifelong cyclist and regular rider, I ride MTB mainly but you will also find my wife and I on our tandem.

I am on the committee to further the cause of Dr Bike, helping people to get back into cycling as safely as possible.

Inclusion is what I am all about and focusing on the fact that Cycle Seahaven is a bicycle club first and foremost.. it all about the ride!

Lee Turner

Dr Bike Team Lead

I have been a member for 3 years, I joined soon after my wife Donna as I knew once she started riding I would never see her.
As a new committee member and Dr Bike lead I want to carry on the great work already done.
Dr Bike is an integral part of C. S. H and the part of the club I enjoy the most.
Meeting members of the public and having the opportunity to encourage them to get out on their bikes and explore the great routes we have in this fantastic part of Sussex.
We have a great team at Dr Bike who all give up their time to help, support and promote Dr Bike and the club and I look forward to working with them this year.

Donna Turner

Youth Coordinator

I have been a member of CSH for over three years, after attending a Dr Bike session in Peacehaven. It must be one of the best decisions I have ever made!

My very first ride was one of our increasingly popular Ladies’ Rides around Seaford in the pouring rain. Since then I have enjoyed lots of rides, discovered some lovely routes and made many great friends.

As a new committee member I hope to introduce fresh ideas and push the Club forward throughout 2020.

Also, as Youth Co-ordinator, it is my aim to motivate our younger members into having more involvement in the Club. I will be encouraging them to contact me with any rides or event ideas so our Club attracts, and is supportive of all age groups.

Happy and safe riding!

Andy (Gus) Lock


Andy Lock.

Sarah Winser


Ride Leader Co-Ordinator (MTB), Kit

Dave Sutton


Ride Leader Co-Ordinator (Road)

Simon McFarlane


I joined the club in 2019 after taking part in ‘Ride the Downs’ in 2018. It was a fantastic introduction to group riding and opened my eyes to the 100’s of miles of off-road trails on my doorstep. We’re very lucky to have such a proactive cycling club in our area. It has dedicated members who offer their time for free to support the club. It’s an absolute bargain for the membership fee.  I thought it was only right to give something back.  I’ve always had a bike but in recent years it has become more central to my life. I care deeply about the damage we’re doing to the planet we all live on. I want a clean, safe home for my young children to enjoy the way I have. Something as simple as a bike is amazingly effective at solving many of the massive challenges we face. Whether it’s air pollution, climate breakdown or health problems due to inactivity. I’m going to do my best to get as many people as possible on a bike. I will be focussing on safe cycling routes, secure bike parking, funding for projects and promotion of the benefits of cycling. I think Chris Boardman said it best: “It’s your sport, your first territory expansion as a kid, a way to get to work, to get exercise, to get a pint of milk. It’s this invincible tool that’s up with the printing press in terms of its importance … if we choose to let it.”