AGM Documents

Each header is a link to the AGM minutes, and each sub-line of text will take you to a PDF copy of the document.

10th AGM, 7th February 2019:

AGM Annual Report Presentation

Chairman’s Report

Treasurers Report

Ladies Rides

9th AGM, 6th Feb 2018:

Annual Report (PowerPoint)

Treasurer’s Report

8th AGM, 15th Feb 2017:

2017 AGM Chairmans Report

2017 AGM Treasurers Report

2017 AGM Rides and Events Report

2017 AGM Campaign Report

7th AGM, 10th Feb 2016:

2016 AGM Chairman’s Report

2016 AGM Treasurer’s Report

2016 AGM Rides and Events Report

2016 AGM Campaign Report

6th AGM, 11th Feb 2015

5th AGM, 7th Feb 2014

 4th AGM, 2013